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/************* Ad Blocker Checker V1.0 *****************************/
Released by AwesomePHP.com, under the GPL License, a
copy of it should be attached to the zip file, or
you can view it on http://AwesomePHP.com/gpl.txt
/************* Ad Blocker Checker V1.0 *****************************/


This simple script will check all 5 standard Ad Block Plus subscriptions to see if they are active and redirect to a warning page to ask users to disable their software.

Test on all 5 subscriptions, but hopefully it will work on other ad block software.


User must have Javascript enabled for it to work.

Include check.php on your page to check for Adblock.

Have fun.. Contact us for any help or if you simply want to give us ideas to improve this script or to start working on a new script.

Email: hide@address.com (Paypal Donations also appreciated).
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