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1.0 Setting up the PHP Client
1.1) Download FraudLabsWebServiceClientPHP,zip from http://www.fraudlabs.com/samplecode/FraudLabsWebServiceClientPHP.zip
1.2) Extract all files from FraudLabsWebServiceClientPHP.zip to c:\ drive.
1.3) Configure the /FraudLabsWebServiceClientPHP directory with IIS

2.0 Building PHP Client
2.1) Run http://localhost/fraudlabswebserviceclientPHP/fraudlabswebserviceclientphp.php at Internet Explorer.
2.2) Fill in require field (license key - refer to 3.0)
2.3) Click Submit button button to get result

3.0 Get your own license key
3.1) Visit http://www.fraudlabs.com
3.2) sign up member
3.3) check your email to complete user activation.
3.4) click product -> fraudlabs -> get free license key
3.5) check your email to get the free license key
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