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   * Javascript validator for "notEmpty" check
   * Perform the validation of "notEmpty" check
   * @param array    $params   params set including following parameters:	
   *                           string   $field    Field to test
   *                           string   $message  Error message used in place of the default one
   *                           bool     $focus    If error whether focus on the input element (optional)
   * @return string JS function body
 	function js_validator_notEmpty(&$formcat,$params){
 	    $message = (empty($message))?sprintf($formcat->defaultErrMsg,$field):$message;
 	    $focusStr = $formcat->addFocus($field,$focus);
	 	    $title = "\n\n// checks if ".$field." has been filled\n\n";
	 	    $body = ($optional)?"if(fc['$field'].value=='' && !confirm('$message')){\n":"if(fc['$field'].value==''){\nalert('$message');\n";
	 	    $str= $title.$body.$focusStr."return false;\n}\n";
	 	    return $str;
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