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	Michael J. Burgess

Generate user-submission forms aligned with a html table by simply suppling a database link and a table name. 

Generate forms to 'add' or 'edit' data (forms have no php-based submission code associated) 
choosing 'edit' populates fields with php-variable default values. 

The primary key can be automatically removed from the output. 

Database field types e.g. varchar, are mapped in an xml config file, to html form fields. 

You can add, customise or remove any section of the html generated from within the xml file. 

Author-written documentation regarding configuration and use is supplied. 

The class either generates a string or saves to a file.

There are also many more possibilities accesible via configuration of the xml file.

Examples provided.
Test script provided.

Read Manual before use as default values may not suite your database.
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