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//Check Multiple folder calculate total space and union them in one bar.
//do  not add subfolder folder_space can calculate the sub directories..

$data = array(
'total'=>3072,  //3 kb   //quota please enter in byte format
'max_height'=>150,    //Set your Graphic height (px).
'max_width'=>4,    //Set your Graphic width (px).
'axis'=> 'vertical', //horizontal
'bar_name'=>'Multiple Folder in One Bar',  //label
'dir'=> array(FOLDER1,FOLDER2),  ## set MULTIPLE folder !!!
'empty_color'=>'#DDDDDD',  //empty bar color
'full_color'=>'#bb3902',   //full bar color
'float'=>'left'    //css float control left or right
$folder = new handle();

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