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The sample scripts are designed to create the "example_map.fcm" file for you.  
Please execute the index.php sample script and make sure the directory being 
written to by the line creating that file is writable.  If the directory was 
not writable, you should have gotten an error executing index.php stating such 
(unless your error messages are turned off).

file_put_contents("example_map.fcm", $CW->get_map()); 

By default, that would be the directory containing the sample script, however, 
if you like, you can change it to a different directory rather easily.  E.g.

file_put_contents("mysubfolder/example_map.fcm", $CW->get_map()); 
file_put_contents("/fullpathto/myfolder/example_map.fcm", $CW->get_map()); 
file_put_contents("../../someotherfolder/example_map.fcm", $CW->get_map()); 

Also, you will need to point the other sample file, solved.php to the new 
location if you move the file.  That would be on this line:



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