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Flexcustomer is a simple,free and open source user management module. It contains such functions:
I   User registration function
II  Users can edit information and password, users can find their lost password. 
III Offerring users admin program,which can search, delete and browse users' information.
IV  All the text in this program is kept in one file. Once revise this file, you can create a new language version or        customize the text in your program.
V   Friendly interface and install system. 

Before you install this system, please make sure that you have php and mysql installed.
1. Please make sure that your const.inc.php is writable. 
2. Run /admin/install.php. Set database username and password, delete install.php and installfinish.php.
3. /admin/ is the admin program. You can rename it for the sake of security.

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