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     <!-- IP: IP block / allow list, remember that net mask can also be provided to block subnets example:, this will block the whole 23.23.X net. -->
         block: These ips will get blocked.
         Note!: If allow element is specified, the block element will not be functional.

         <!-- allow: When using allow block element is not needed because you only allow these elements -->


     <!-- userinput: User input settings, to remove sql injections and block userinput of any kind.
         Additional settings is separated by the "|" symbol.
         The following Constants can be selected:
         <!-- preventInput: Prevents all variables and unsets any data posted by users including post, get, cookie and all other variables that users can post data in. Leave types arguement empty if you want to filter it all.
              This setting is only useful at static php webpages.
         <preventInput types="Firewall::POST|Firewall::GET">false</preventInput>
         <!-- inputProtection: XSS safe and removes sql injection from any kind of userinput including get,post, cookie, session variables.  Leave types arguement empty if you want to filter it all.
              stripHTML will strip all html when turned on, else it will use the RemoveXXS function to remove XXS attacks.
         <inputProtection stripHTML="false" types="Firewall::POST|Firewall::GET|Firewall::FILES|Firewall::SESSION|Firewall::COOKIE|Firewall::SERVER">true</inputProtection>
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