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// Include the class file.
include 'Firewall.php';

// Start firewall.
$firewall = new Firewall();

// Block specific ips. Also block the 20.20.x.x subnet.

// Only allow specific IP's..

// This removed all input, meaning you cant do anything with POST and GET actions because it gets totally stripped !!
// Normally this method is not needed to be used because it makes your script very unflexible in many cases.

// Remove all possible XXS and SQL injections this filters every possible input that a user can do. Notice! User may not post tags when this is used, HTML tags is removed!!
// Now you dont need to escape data later in the script, because at a highlevel this filters all the $_POST,$_GET...etc.. variables.
// Leave no arguement or false if you want to filter all global variables, (recommended). In this example we only filter post & get.
$firewall->UserInput()->inputProtection(Firewall::POST & Firewall::GET);


    // When finished setting settings you will need to run the firewall with the run() method.

    $firewall->printSettings(); // For debugging only. remove this when you have checked the settings.
}catch(Exception $e){
    die("You are not allowed at this place.");

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