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version 1.3 14 march 2008

Hello there,

This is a new version of Filtreatment, with some new functions and a lot of improvements inside the class code. 
One most important change is that from now on, it supports only PHP > 5.X versions. Also, the inside logic is change, so the new class is somehow not compatible with the old one (this means you should change some of your function through your code if you want to use it).

The class and the documentation in phpdoc format will be soon available on my site www.lemonsoftware.eu.

Some parts of the code are from other sources (codeigniter.com). I don't reclaim that are mine, just wanted to put them in one place (class) to assure all kind of filtering and treatment for inputs/outputs.

Enjoy and share,
Cristian Navalici
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