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Filecharger from Novawave

Novawave Filecharger 1.0
For any webserver running PHP 4 and above
By Guangcong Luo - http://novawave.ca/gluo
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| Installation / Using the script


1. If you can unzip files online (i.e. with CPanel):

     Send fileman.zip to the directory of your webserver you want it to
     be, then extract it.


     Send the contents of fileman.zip to the directory of your webserver
     you want it to be.
     Note: Sending readme.txt or devdoc.txt is optional.

2. Navigate to the directory you installed it in (example.com/fileman/)

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


 Go to the directory of your webserver you installed it. For instance,
 if you uploaded it to http://example.com/fileman/ , go there.

| Overview

Fileman is a PHP script that lets you manage your files (upload,
delete, rename, edit, etc), featuring such useful abilities as drag
selection, and drag-and-drop file uploading.

All OSes:

Click on icon                 Select one file/folder
Ctrl+click on icon            Select multiple files/folders
Double-click on icon          Open file/folder
click on blank space          Deselect all
Double-click on blank space   Select all
Arrow keys                    Select in direction of arrow key


Cmd+A                         Select All
Cmd+X                         Cut (move)
Cmd+C                         Copy
Cmd+V                         Paste
Cmd+Down                      View/Open
Enter                         Rename
Del (Fn+Delete)               Delete
Cmd+Delete                    Delete without asking

Windows, Linux, and other OSes:

Ctrl+A                        Select All
Ctrl+X                        Cut (move)
Ctrl+C                        Copy
Ctrl+V                        Paste
Enter                         View/Open
F2                            Rename
Del                           Delete
Ctrl+Del                      Delete without asking

| None of The Above

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
E-mail hide@address.com

My portfolio is...


My E-mail address is...


Special Thanks to:

- Nathan LaPierre, for giving web hosting throughout these years.
  > novawave.ca
- Paul Klevorn, for helping test compatibility with iCab/Mac and
- David Capel and David Benjamin, for helping test compatibility with
- All other testers and idea-givers who wish to remain anonymous.
- PPK, for his excellent JavaScript resource QuirksMode.
  > quirksmode.org
- The PHP Group, for making PHP.

AEsoft File Manager comes with addons that make use of these libraries:

- JW FLV Media Player for FLV playback
  > http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/
- PhpConcept Library Zip for ZIP compression/extraction
  > http://www.phpconcept.net/pclzip/index.en.php
- CodeMirror for syntax highlighting
  > http://marijn.haverbeke.nl/codemirror/


Q: I forgot my admin password, what do I do?
A: Open persist.inc.php, and change the admin password to FALSE (No
   quotation marks). Then go to fileman/install.php and reinstall
   File Manager.

| The Fine Print...

I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer and/or web
server, although I can truthfully say that, to the best of my knowledge,
it is nearly impossible for this PHP script to damage your computer
and/or web server.

In short, do not blame, sue, threaten, hold for ransom, kill, or injure
me if this PHP script does not work correctly.

| License

This software is licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Unless another license has been obtained in writing from Novawave Inc.

| Known Bugs

All know bugs have been fixed.

| History

Novawave Filecharger 1.0
- Changed Name

AEsoft File Manager 1.0 RC1
- Syntax highlighting in the text editor
- New keyboard shortcuts:
  - Arrow keys to select
  - Enter (OS X) to rename 
  - Cmd+Down (OS X) or Enter (other OSes) to open/view on other OSes
  - Cmd+C, Cmd+V, etc - equivalent of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc
  - Cmd+Delete to delete
- Drag-and-drop file uploading on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
- Upload progress bars on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
- File and Folder Tasks have been removed because it duplicates
  functionality from the action bar and the right-click menu

AEsoft File Manager 1.0 Beta 3
Sept 30, 2008
- ZIP files can be extracted and created
- Administrator control panel changed
- Many bugfixes, security improvements, and other minor improvements
  - Works correctly with files with ' " & % in their names
  - Files that were unsuccessfully pasted will remain in clipboard
  - Installer is better at reinstalling after Fileman has been moved
  - Installer no longer crashes on PHP 4
  - FLV player is resizable

AEsoft File Manager 1.0 Beta 2
Apr 24, 2008
- Files and folders can be copied and moved
- Files can be drag-selected
- CHMOD support
- Support for FTP
- Added an installer
- Keyboard combinations (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Del, F2...)
- Admin panel and action bar greatly improved and no longer experimental
  - File and Folder Tasks has been obsoleted by the new action bar and
    is now collapsed by default
- Images can be previewed in sidebar
- Added FLV player
- Many other minor improvements and bug fixes
  - TextEdit can change the linebreak type between CR+LF, LF, CR, etc

AEsoft File Manager 1.0 Beta 1
Nov 3, 2007
- Support for multiple users
  - Experimental admin panel for editing users
- Action bar added
  - Experimental support for one-click uploading
- Many icons updated
- Right-click menu added to empty space
- Textedit backported to File Manager
- Text files word-wrap properly now

AEsoft File Manager 0.3 Beta 2
- Upload form does not jump on Firefox/Konqueror/Safari any more

AEsoft File Manager 0.3 Beta 1
- PHP files are not allowed to be uploaded, to prevent exploits
- TinyMCE support removed, because it is near impossible to use with

AEsoft File Manager 0.2 Beta
- Changed name
- Added New File and New Folder options
- Folders can now be deleted as well as files
- Added new option: Use TinyMCE, defaults to off because of Firefox bug
- Some areas (config, readme) are rewritten to be clearer

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