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Developed by NexonSoft - www.nexonsoft.eu

-------- Installation --------------------

Below you will find documentation for install or inclusion into your website.

- Step 1

Unzip the files, be sure to check it's contents against the above file list.

- Step 2

For simple inclusion of the contact form, page paste the following code in your existing PHP page.

<?php include('cform.php'); ?>

Note: You must make sure you include relative to the file you are including from.
	  e.g. contact.php is located in a folder called 'includes' and you are including from a base
	  directory file such as index.php
	  Your include statement would look like
	  <?php include('includes/cform.php'); ?>

- Step 3

$address = "hide@address.com";

Edit this to contain the email address that you want the form information sent to, this is the
only important configuration option.

- Step 5

Upload the changed and configured files to your server.

- Step 6 (Optional)

To enable the optional Phone Number validated field,

Uncomment the following (remove // from beginning of the lines)

   $phone    = ''; 

   $phone   = $_POST['phone'];

   } else if(!is_numeric($phone)) {
           	    $error = '<div class="error_message">Attention! Phone number can only contain digits.</div>';

Swap comment tags or delete the appropriate.

   $e_reply = "You can contact $name via email, $email or via phone $phone";
   $e_reply = "You can contact $name via email, $email";

Uncomment HTML code (Remove <!-- and --> tags from around the code)

  <label for=phone accesskey=P><span class="required">*</span> Phone</label>
                 <input name="phone" type="text" id="phone" size="30" value="<?=$phone;?>" />

		 <br />

- Finished.

Note: Send a test email using the form to test the installation. Enjoy the script.
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