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<FONT size=5><B>ezSQL Change Log -- Build: 7</B></FONT><BR><FONT color=#777777 
size=2>From revision 1 to revision 7</FONT>
<P><B>Sun, 09 Jul 2006</B>
  <LI>Debug functions how have the option of returning html rather than echoing 
  to screen, this is based on TJH's work. <SPAN class=contrib>jvincent/7</SPAN> 
  </LI></UL><B>Fri, 07 Jul 2006</B>
  <LI>Refactored disk cache code into shared core <SPAN 
  <LI>Update to readme file <SPAN class=contrib>ezsql/3</SPAN> 
  <LI>Reworked docs so that they match ezSQL 2 <SPAN 
  <LI>Very first commit of ezSQL into svn source control (v2.1) <SPAN 
  class=contrib>ezsql/1</SPAN> </LI></UL></BODY></HTML>
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