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face=Verdana color=#5778bc size=4>MySQL Database</FONT> 
<P><FONT face=Verdana color=#202020 size=2>
<FONT face=Verdana size=2>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>The below instructions assume that 
you are using <STRONG>phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL</STRONG> for the creation 
of new databases!</FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>The first step in the process is to 
log into your server ( hosting ) account by way of a control panel or what ever 
interface you use to access and control your account.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>Login to your MySQL administration 
interface. This will be the place in your account that you can add / delete 
MySQL databases.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>We now need to create an 
empty database named: ezinvoice<BR></STRONG>Once this is done, it should look 
something like this:</FONT></P>
<P><IMG border=0 alt="MySQL Image 1" src="mysql1.png"></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>Once here, we simply click on the 
Browse button and select the ezinvoice.sql from our MySQL folder. Then click on 
the Go button.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>This will now create the complete 
database structure we need to use EzInvoice.</FONT></P>
<P><IMG border=0 alt="MySQL Image 2" src="mysql2.png"></P>
<P><FONT color=#808080 size=2 face=Verdana><EM>* NOTE: You can use this file at 
any time to take your MySQL database back to the beginning. This would be used 
for things like:</EM></FONT></P>
  <LI><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>You want to start over.</FONT> 
  <LI><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>A major disaster occurred.</FONT> 
  <LI><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>Other major events took 
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>This file not only creates, 
but also deletes ALL CURRENT CONTENT of the database!</STRONG></FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#800000 size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>**Use this file again with 
caution! **</STRONG></FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>EzInvoice has a built in 
MySQL Backup process</STRONG>, we would use this for disaster recovery instead 
of the ezinvoice.sql file. This process allows complete re-creation of our 
total&nbsp;invoice database. Remember to <U>chmod 0777</U> or <U>chmod 
0755</U>&nbsp;the <STRONG>backups/ folder.</STRONG></FONT></P>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>We now have our MySQL 
database created and active</STRONG>. We can now 
close&nbsp;the&nbsp;phpMyAdmin&nbsp;control panel and begin the 
process of getting EzInvoice running and active.</FONT></P> 
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Dreams Enterprises</FONT> </DIV>
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