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<title>Client Interface</title>
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face=Verdana color=#5778bc size=4>Client Interface</FONT> 
<P><FONT face=Verdana color=#202020 size=2>
<P><FONT face=Verdana size=2><STRONG> EzInvoice Client Interface</STRONG>. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana>Once your client logs into 
EzInvoice, the first screen will look something like this...</FONT></P>
<P><IMG border=0 alt="Main Invoice Screen" 
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana>From here your client can see 
all of their invoices, both past and current. They can choose from the following 
<DIV><FONT size=2 face=Verdana 
  color=#800000><STRONG>View / Pay this invoice.</STRONG>    
<DIV><FONT size=2 face=Verdana 
  color=#800000><STRONG>Print this invoice.</STRONG>  
<DIV><FONT color=#800000 size=2 
  face=Verdana><STRONG>Contact Support.</STRONG></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#800000 size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>Log 
  Out of EzInvoice.</STRONG></FONT></DIV></LI></OL>
<P><FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Verdana>Lets break down 
each option now...</FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>View / Pay: </STRONG>The next screen will show the 
invoice with the PayPal payment button at the bottom.<BR>This will also show if 
the invoice is PAID or UNPAID in the upper, right hand corner of the 
invoice along with information pertinent to the invoice.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>Print Invoice:</STRONG>       
This will show a screen designed for printing.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>Contact 
Support:</STRONG> This is a built in form for your client to contact your 
support department concerning an invoice.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>Log Out:</STRONG> This 
closes the current session and logs out the client.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana>We have tried to make the 
client interface simple, pleasing and informative to make the client enjoy a 
stress free experience while not only paying the invoice but also keep a record 
of past and present invoices for later reference.</FONT></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana><STRONG>Company Logo:</STRONG>     
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana>On the 
client side, your company logo will be displayed on all invoices. You can add 
your logo by using the included <STRONG>my_logo_BLANK.gif</STRONG> which can be 
found in the <STRONG>images/</STRONG> folder. Use this blank or make your image 
<STRONG><FONT color=#800000>102 x 101</FONT></STRONG> and save into the 
<STRONG>images/</STRONG> folder as <STRONG><FONT 
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana>The logo on the invoices will 
look like this:</FONT></P>
<P><IMG border=0 
alt="Your company logo on all client invoices." src="image23.png"></P>
<P><FONT size=2 face=Verdana>Of course this will be your 
company logo... This is just an example image.</FONT></P></FONT><BR>
style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 1px; BORDER-TOP: #5778bc 1px solid">
<FONT face=Verdana color=#808080 size=1>&nbsp;Copyright © 1997-2010 Mystic 
Dreams Enterprises</FONT> </DIV>
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