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To do
- Installation script.
- Tidy up code.
- Skin support

- Added the ability to change hour difference for the timestamp on the text message.
- Added pop-up smiley window included auto insert to text field.
- Deleted smiley.txt as it's now obsolete.
- Changed the timestamp code to use mktime(), old method didn't work!
- Tweaked the smiley window to close once you insert a smiley.
- Changed the colours to a cleaner white.
- Changed the message text styles to a css one so that you can modify the old messages.
- Changed the main logo images to transparent gifs. Easier to change the bg colours.

- Added the ability to change the upload page refresh in the config file.
- Added the smiley file. Now you can see the codes to the smilies. Will become obsolete when Smiley popup is created.
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