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Displaying the banners

To display ads on your site you simply add a call to the ezban.php file on your page, where you want the ad to appear. For .php pages use:


<div align="center"><?php include ("ezban/ezban.php"); ?><div> 

Where path to is the full path to the ezban.php file.

For non PHP pages you will need to use an <SSI> tag to display advertisements, like this:

<div align="center"><!--#include virtual="ezban/ezban.php"--><div> 

If you use this option make sure you adjust the call according to your server set up. For example, the call above is fine for pages in your main directory.

But if you have pages in sub-directories, you'll have to adjust the tag 
for proper calling. If you have a page called index.htm in a sub-directory called... /ads, which would be:

Then the tag would change to

<div align="center"><!--#include virtual="../ezban/ezban.php"--><div>

And so forth!


To add the SSI ability/function to your website... If your host allows this function.

You will need to add the following lines to your current .htaccess file contained within your root directory.

AddHandler server-parsed .html
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .htm 

The above lines prevent the need to have all your SSI enabled pages end with .shtml

For some hosts, the above lines can be added within your cPanel.


NOTE: In a pinch and only if you have no other choice┬ů You can use the following Java Script call to display banners in any standard HTML page.

**** This feature is NOT SUPPORTED!!!

<script language="javascript">
ezban.write("<iframe id=\"iframe1\" name=\"iframe1\" src=\"http://www.your_domain.com/ezban/ezban.php\" frameborder=\"0\" width=\"473\" height=\"65\" scrolling=\"no\" marginwidth=\"0\" marginheight=\"0\" style=\"overflow:visible;\"></iframe>");

You will need to set the above to basically the same as you did in the config.php file.

1.	Change the URL to point to your install of EzBan.
2.	Set width to the same as you did in config.php
3.	Set height to the same as you did in config.php

This reflects the settings for the iFrame and the container must be large enough for the banners to display properly.

Place the code above in your HTML where you want the banners to display.

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