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require 'class.eyemysqladap.inc.php';
require 'class.eyedatagrid.inc.php';

// Load the database adapter
$db = new EyeMySQLAdap('localhost', 'root', '', 'codes');

// Load the datagrid class
$x = new EyeDataGrid($db);

// Set the query
$x->setQuery("*", "people", "Id", "Id > 2");

// Allows filters

// Change headers text
$x->setColumnHeader('FirstName', 'First Name');
$x->setColumnHeader('LastName', 'Last Name');

// Hide ID Column

// Change column type
$x->setColumnType('BirthDate', EyeDataGrid::TYPE_DATE, 'M d, Y', true); // Change the date format
$x->setColumnType('Gender', EyeDataGrid::TYPE_ARRAY, array('m' => 'Male', 'f' => 'Female')); // Convert db values to something better
$x->setColumnType('Done', EyeDataGrid::TYPE_PERCENT, false, array('Back' => '#c3daf9', 'Fore' => 'black'));
<title>EyeDataGrid Example 2</title>
<link href="table.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<h1>Filters, Headers Text Changed, Hidden, and Type Applyed</h1>
<p>From the previous example a few things have changed:</p>
	<li>The column text for the first and last name was changed to add a space</li>
	<li>The ability to filter results by header was added (columns with column type changed does not allow filtering, eg: birthdate, gender)</li>
	<li>The ID column was hidden and we have a custom where condition specified</li>
	<li>The done column is set to a percent type</li>
	<li>The column type for birthdate was changed to format the date cleaner.</li>
	<li>The gender column type was changed to a more readable value using array mapping 'f' => 'Female'</li>
// Print the table
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