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README for Eyefi ImageModifier for version 0.1

The Eyefi ImageModifier library is a high-level programming interface
for describing and caching a series of image transformations which are
applied to source images, typically for display on web pages.

The work process is as follows: you define a 'chain' of
transformations, optionally giving it a name, and then apply an image
to this chain, which results in a new image. If the image is applied
to the chain a second time, a cached image will be used.

Currently, the following filters are defined:

* resize
* border
* apply color mask
* round corners
* cropping (to ratio, to dimension, square)
* color blending
* text (ttf / t1)
* margin
* overlay (for watermarking)
* grayscale
The Eyefi Open Source website, available at 
http://opensource.eyefi.nl/eyefi-imgfilter/, documents all features in


This product is tested with PHP versions 4.4 and below. Furthermore,
the GD imaging functions must be available. From version 4.3, GD is
included in the standard PHP distribution.

For full type1 support, GD must be compiled with t1lib support.

You can check by running phpinfo() in a script on your website and
checking the output.


Make sure that your PHP installation meets the above requirements.

* Copy imgfilter.inc.php anywhere on your server, preferably in your
  php's include_path.

* Make a directory imgcache under your document root and make it
  writable for user running the web server process.

This should do it, you should now be able to run any of the examples
mentioned on the website.


Smarty needs the function.imagemodifier.php in its plugin path. Move
the file to folder lib/plugins in your smarty installation.

Furthermore, if you plan to use relative filenames for the
{imagemodifier img=...} file, you need to define DATA_PATH as the root
for the referenced files:

define("DATA_PATH", "/tmp/data/upload/");

Please also define LIBRARY_PATH as the path to imgfilter.inc.php,
because the smarty function uses it:

example ( for /your/path/to/imgfilter.inc.php)
define("LIBRARY_PATH", "/your/path/to/");

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