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<title>Installation Instructions - Health Tip v.1.3</title>
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<h1>Installation Instructions - Exercise Tip Buddy v.1.3</h1>
<p>In order to install this program, you will need a MySQL database and you will need to know how to run a cron job. Information on this can be found on the web, but you can also check with your hosting provider. </p>
<ol><li>Unzip the healthtipbuddy.zip file and upload the entire contents to your server.</li>
  <li>Chmod the config.php file to 777 to make it writable. </li>
  <li>Run the install.php file to install the database and config file.</li>
  <li>Remove the install.php file for security purposes.</li>
  <li>Add links to the /health-tip-buddy/signup.php page so that people can sign up for the service. </li>
  <li>To change the header and footer of the e-mails that are sent, simply change the content in the &quot;Settings&quot; section of the admin area.</li>
  <li>You will need to be able to set up cron jobs in order to have your e-mails sent at the right time. Set up the <strong>/cron/generate-email-cron.php</strong> to run at times where you want to send out an issue. For intance, set it to run weekly if you want them sent out weekly. Set up <strong>/cron/send-email-cron.php</strong> to run every 5-30 minutes, every day. </li>
  <li>Password protect the /cron directory so that the scripts can't be run by outsiders. </li>
<p>The program is installed with an administrator with username:admin pasword:admin installed. Make sure to replace this as soon as you can for security purposes. </p>
<p>That's it! Enjoy! </p>
<p><strong>&copy; 2006 <a href="http://wwww.my-health-and-fitness.org">www.My-Health-and-Fitness.org</a></strong></p>
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