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(E)SMTP Mailer for PHP

MTA(Mail Transfer Agent) Simulator class written in PHP for your PHP application.
SMTP Mailer for PHP compliance with RFC822.

Copyright (C) 2006  S.H.Mohanjith <hide@address.com>


1. Requirements
2. How to use
3. Contacting
4. Donations

1. Requirements

SMTPMailer class requires PHP5 or higher.

2. How to use

Simply include SMTPMailer.php in your PHP script and make an instance of SMTPMailer class and use it.

	require_once 'SMTPMailer.php';

	$from = "Foo <hide@address.com>";
	$to = array("Foo1 <hide@address.com>", "Foo2 <hide@address.com>");
	$subject = "LGPL";
	$message = "Hi All,\n Just testing.\n Cheers";

	$mailer = new SMTPMailer();

	$response = $mailer->sendMail($from, $to, $subject, $message);

	if ($response) {
		echo "Success\n";
	} else {
		echo "Failure\n";

Example assumes SMTPMailer.php is in same folder as the script.

Please make sure to have all PHP files (*.php) are in one folder because there are cross references between these files.

3. Contacting

If you have any problem please feel free to contact me on hide@address.com (moha_at_mohanjith_dot_net). Make sure you hav e SMTP Mailer query on the Subject line.

4. Donations

Donations are greatly appreciated. Contact me on how to make donations. 

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