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$class = new Entitize();

$email = $class->convert('hide@address.com');
$mobile = $class->convert('+63.926.7472602');
$text1 = $class->convert('This line should not be indexed by search engines.');
$text2 = $class->convert('This line is readable in web page but not in source code.');

echo "<p>My email address is {$email}.</p>\r\n";
echo "<p>You can contact me via SMS at {$mobile}.</p>\r\n";
echo "<p>{$text1}</p>\r\n";
echo "<p>This line is readable both in web page and source code.</p>\r\n";
echo "<p>{$text2}</p>\r\n";
echo "<p>View the source code of this page to see entitized strings.</p>\r\n";

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