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If you want to use the values stored into a table of a mysql db, it is very simple. Add, for example, a wrapper (in this example the ez_sql.class You find it in the site phpclasses.org)

include ("include/ez_sql.php");

After, you query your db as

if ( $mails = $db->get_results("SELECT mail FROM mail") )
	// Loop through the resulting array on the index $users[n]
	foreach ( $mails as $mail )
		// Access data using column names as associative array keys

The select is at this point with the values of db

At the post of form you insert the value in the db if it is not present

if(isset($_POST['mail'])) {
//verifica se la mail inserita era giĆ  nel db o no
if (!( $n = $db->get_var("SELECT count(*) FROM mail WHERE mail = '$_POST[mail]'") ))
	// Insert into the database
	$db->query("INSERT INTO mail (mail) VALUES ('$_POST[mail]')");
.... other instructions
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