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How to install the script

Unzip shop.zip file. 

Create new directory "shop" under your html directory,
then place all unzipped files into this directory  in ASCII  mode 
with usage ftp client from Windows computer (all files saved in the windows text format).
Then set up permission 755 for this directory and for index.php, admin.php upload.php  files; 
In the file conf.php set up your custom settings (mysql database name, login/password, 
directopy where script placed ...)
In your browser start URL of admin.php, then create database and mysql table by
clicking on the special links. Then script ready to work. Via admin
you can able to load Excel *.csv files with products database.  

How to set up your custom product database:
Create in Excell table some products group; 
Columns in this table must be with the folling order:

Id#; Title_product; Products category; Describe_product; Price; 

Then save this table in the text format with *.csv (";" delimiters) 
extention with the same name as name of product category,
e.g. Computers.csv. 


We also have special add-on modules that is fee based.

Add/Edit add-on module:
   This package allows for admin to submit new products entries, 
   edit/delete entries, change photos via admin interface. 
   Admin also can add orders to database manually via admin interface and 
   then if it is needed edit these orders. 

Membership add-on module:
   This module allows for users who make small purchases periodically become 
   members by simple on-line registration. All purchases of members are stored 
   in the database, which allow to calculate accumulative discounts for members 
   depend on total payment made by member during all purchases. 
   Admin can add/edit/delete members profiles via web interface, 
   browse members' orders, extract list of contact e-mails of 
   registered members for using in advertizing mail lists. 

Keep in mind, we offer fee based custom support and 
script modification according to your needs. 
Our price for works is $5-$10 per hour.
If you have any questions , please contact us via e-mail 
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