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/* PHP-NUKE: Advanced Content Management System                           */
/* ============================================                           */
/*                                                                        */
/* This is the language module with all the system messages               */
/*                                                                        */
/* If you made a translation, please sent to me (hide@address.com)    */
/* the translated file. Please keep the original text order by modules,   */
/* and just one message per line, also double check your translation!     */
/*                                                                        */
/* You need to change the second quoted phrase, not the capital one!      */
/*                                                                        */
/* If you need to use double quotes (") remember to add a backslash (\),  */
/* so your entry will look like: This is \"double quoted\" text.          */
/* And, if you use HTML code, please double check it.                     */
// module created by HI-Lab
// Copyright (c) 2002 by cooperativa sociale l'Utopia a r.l.
// released under GPL licence
// www.hi-lab.net

define("_TITLEASYUP","EASYUP-NUKE by HI-Lab - Upload module for files and images");
define("_INSTRUCTIONEASYUP","First of all choose the type of file to upload from menu &quot;<b>Kind of File</b>&quot;.<br>Then choose the file by clicking on &quot;<b>Browse...</b>&quot;.<br>\nIf it's an image you can insert a brief description in the field &quot;<b>Alt</b>&quot;.<br>\nIf it's a Flash movie you can choose background color too, in hexadecimal value (ex.#ff0000), to be inserted in the field &quot;<b>Background color</b>&quot;.<br>\nDon't use this module to upload executable files, or &quot;index&quot; file, or anything like this.<br>\n");
define("_ALTSWF","Flash movie");
define("_FILETYPE","Kind of file");
define("_FILETODOWN","File to Download");
define("_FILETODISPLAY","Image or Flash movie");
define("_FILEPOSITION","File path");
define("_ALTTAG","Alternative text (Tag: &quot;alt&quot;)");
define("_BGCOLORSWF","Background color of Flash movie<br>in hexadecimal value (es.#ff0000)");
define("_INSTRUCTIONTAG","Copy the following code row amd insert it where you want to be displaied.");
define("_INSTRUCTIONTAG2","Be sure first that its width fits with web page where it will be inserted. To delete uploaded file please ask the site webmaster.<br>");
define("_IMAGE","the image");
define("_MOVIE","the movie");
define("_TITLEDIMENSION","File size");
define("_FILEIS","File size is");
define("_TOOBIG","The uploaded image is too big!!!");
define("_TOOBIG1","It could slow very much the loading of the web page.");
define("_TOOBIG2","Flash movie you uploaded is too big!!!");
define("_TOOBIG3","The web page loading will require a long wait.");
define("_TOOBIG4","The uploaded file is too big!!!");
define("_TOOBIG5","If your available web space is not enough you will risk to quickly run out of it.");
define("_SUBPREVIEW","Here is the preview of;");
define("_SUBPREVIEW2","once inserted in chosen page.");
define("_INSTRUCTIONDOWN","If you have insert this file in the Download Section of php-nuke, then copy the following information and insert them in the related fields.");
define("_FILEURL","File Link");
define("_YOURFILE","The file");
define("_REFUSE","is refused by the server.<br>&quot;<i>Index</i>&quot; files are forbidden. Please rename the file before trying again.");
define("_EXIST","already exist on the server!");
define("_SUCCESS","has been successfully uploaded.");
define("_ERRORPERM","WARNING: The folder");
define("_ERRORPERM2",", on the server, doesn't have right permissions!");
define("_PERMISSION","Now permissions are");
define("_PERMISSION2","Change its to &quot;777&quot; and try again.");

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