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After discovering the power of templates, I just can not do _one_ web-site without using templates.
PHP inside a HTML document??? Been there, done that, NEVER again!

The name 'easy templates' popped out of my colleges (David) mouth when he looked at what I was hacking... so I stuck to EasyTPL, which is exactly what it's ment to be; Easy!

If you never have used templates, it can look confusing. But I strongly recommend it, and all I'm asking you is you to just give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you'll love working with templates .... I'm quite sure you will.

Who wrote the EasyTPL class?
- Atilla Moen-Duran
After using the wonderful class from Roland Roberts (rFastTemplate), I wanted something .... more... me! :)
So I wrote a brand new class.

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