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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<!-- PHP Function File skeleton -->

<phpff version=" 0.5">
	<function name="func_name" isuserfunc="true|false"
			<synopsis>short descreption here about func_name</synopsis>
			<return type="data_type_here|void|int|object|..."><![CDATA[short_description about return value]]></return>
			<params length="number_of_parameter(s)_here">
				<!-- Note : Write the default parameters in the last -->
					<name type="data_type_here|void|int|object|...">
						$param name here
					<isdefault default="true|false"><![CDATA[ if it is default then write default value here.. ]]></isdefault>
					<description><![CDATA[ Write description about $param parameter here ]]></description>

			<!-- You can repate all elements under the [description] element for N time(s) -->
				<![CDATA[ Write description about function here (repated)]]>
				<distinguish color="#RRGGBB"><![CDATA[ Line to be distinguised here ]]></distinguish>
				<![CDATA[ Write description about function here (repated)]]>
				<![CDATA[ Write description about function here (repated)]]>
			<example id="1|2|3|..."
				<![CDATA[ Write PHP code here]]>
			<output title="Short_title_about_output_here><![CDATA[ Write output for last example here or any thing you would like to put it in hilight ]]></output>
			<note><![CDATA[ Write note here]]></note>
			<tip><![CDATA[ Write tip here]]></tip>
			<hint><![CDATA[ Write note here]]></hint>
			<caution><![CDATA[ Write caution here]]></caution>
			<warning><![CDATA[ Write warning here]]></warning>
			<link ref="URL_HERE">LINK_TEXT_HERE</link>

			<!-- You can repate [link] element under the [seealso] element for N time(s) -->
			<link ref="URL_HERE">LINK_TEXT_HERE</link>
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