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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN "
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="basicstyles.css" type="text/css">
<style type="text/css">
	@import "styles.css";
<title>Easy Image Catalogue</title>
<div class="content">
	<div id="menu">
		<a href="index.php">Home</a>
		<form><input type="text" name="search" size="5" value="" class="input" />
		<input type="submit" value="go" /></form>
<div class="banner">
Please select the desired gallery:
	This will be replaced by the clickable list of galleries
<!-- galleries -->
<div class="breaker"></div>

	This will be shown for each available gallery. 
	gallerythumb will be replaced with the preview.jpg picture.
	galleryname with it's name (as defined in the description)
	gallerysize with the number of images
	gallerycount with the number of hits
	galleryinfo with the gallery information (as defined in the description)
<!-- start:gallery -->
<div class="item"><div><!-- gallerythumb --></div>
<p>Gallery: <strong><!-- galleryname --></strong><br />
<!-- gallerysize --> pictures
Accessed <!-- gallerycount --> times.</p>
<!-- galleryinfo -->
<!-- end:gallery -->

	This is the part displayed for the current gallery, anything inside the
	start:thumb and end:thumb comments will be repeated for each thumbnail.
	thumb is the thumbnail image
	%width% and %height% the dimensions of the big image
	%filesize% the image size in kilobytes.
<!-- start:currentgallery -->
<h4>Gallery %galleryname% %gallerysize% images.</h4>
<!-- start:currentthumbs -->
<div class="info">%galleryinfo%</div>
<!-- start:thumb -->
<div class="galleryitem">
<!-- thumb --><br />
%width%x%height% px <br />
Size: %filesize% kb<br />
<!-- end:thumb -->
<!-- end:currentthumbs -->
<div class="breaker">&nbsp;</div>

	This is the display of the big picture
	prev:name will be replaced by the link back to previous picture(if there is one) 
				the name will be the link
	next:name will be replaced by the link to the next picture(if there is one)
				the name will be the link
	%imagecount% is the position of the image in the whole image list
	%allpics% is the number of all available images
	bigimage is the big image
	searchbigimage is the big image for search results (this one will have no 
		prev and next links).
	comments will be replaced with the comments, see comments_template.html
<!-- start:display -->		
<div align="center">
<!-- prev:&#171; previous image -->
Image %imagecount%/%allpics%
<!-- next:next image &#187; -->
<div align="center"><!-- bigimage --></div>
<br /><br />
<div class="info"><!-- info --></div>
<!-- end:display -->		
<!-- searchbigimage -->
<div align="left"><!-- comments --></div>
<!-- end:currentgallery -->

	This part will be displayed when there was a search initiated.
	searchthumb will be replaced by the thumbnails matching the search
	the messages in between nonefound and found will be displayed accordingly.
	%search% gets replaced by the search term
	%number% by the number of results	
<!-- start:search -->
<h4>Search pictures</h4>
<!-- searchthumb -->
<!-- start:nonefound -->
<div class="breaker">Sorry, no image matched your search &#34;%search%&#34;</div>
<!-- end:nonefound -->
<!-- start:found -->
<div class="breaker">%number% image(s) matched your search &#34;%search%&#34;</div>
<!-- end:found -->
<!-- end:search -->
<div class="breaker">&nbsp;</div>

	This will be replaced by the EIC branding, place it anywhere you want but 
	keep it visible.
<!-- branding -->
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