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banners.php is freeware. It rotates your banners at random. You can use .gif, .jpg, flash, text, and affiliate and referral javascripts. You can use remote services such as Google Adsense.  You just put each link (URL), banner image, description (text), or script in a separate .html file.

1) Unzip the revolver.zip file, careful to preserve the directory structure.

2) Upload the directories "revolver" and "banners" (and the banners.php file in the "revolver" directory).

3) Make sure the directory "revolver" contains banners.php and the "banners" subdirectory.

3) Decide what you want to display and then place each banner, script, or text plug in a separate .html file.  For example, if you have 3 banners (or text links), you create 3 files: 0.html, 1.html, and 2.html (see the example files that came with this download).

5) Then place the banner (.html) files in the subdirectory "banners." (We would appreciate it if you would provide a link to us  (http://freepgs.com/ledbetter/wordpress) by simply keeping/using the original contents of the 0.html file that came in the "banners" subdirectory.)

6) In banners.php set $numbanners = to the number of banners you will use minus one.  For example, when you create 3 banners -- 0.html, 1.html, and 2.html -- then in banners.php set $numbanners = 2.

7) You must always number your .html banner files consecutively from 0 (zero).  You must include a 0.html file.

8) On your .php webpages, insert the line <?php include("http://yoursite.com/revolver/banners.php"); ?>

(but replace yoursite.com with your domain and, if necessary, with your top-level directories).

We would appreciate it if you would provide a link to us (http://freepgs.com/ledbetter/wordpress) by uploading and then simply keeping the original 0.html file as it is now in the "banners" subfolder. Or copy the following to your website:
<A href="http://freepgs.com/ledbetter/wordpress/">Free Web Hosting Reviewed</A>

OR <a href="http://freepgs.com/ledbetter/wordpress"><img src="http://freepgs.com/ledbetter/3button.png" border="0"></a>
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