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  This software is copyrighted by www.e-cart.biz. 
  It is not freeware and may not be distributed in 
  whole or in part without permission. 
  Professional versions of e-cart must be licensed and registered.
  Unlawful copies of e-cart will not be supported.
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  This is a professional storefront that will enhance the online business
  of any storefront and make backend administration extremely easy and
  user-friendly. Novices will be able to comfortably navigate their new
  stores in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.
  Extensive rescripting and programming has been intricately included 
  throughout this software and thus renders the original version inseparable.
  This copyright tag may not be lawfully removed and this software
  may not be lawfully redistributed without permission.

$Id: account_history_info.php,v 1.17 2003/06/05 15:43:49 dgw_ Exp $

  osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

  Copyright (c) 2002 osCommerce

  Released under the GNU General Public License

define('NAVBAR_TITLE_1', 'My Account');
define('NAVBAR_TITLE_2', 'History');
define('NAVBAR_TITLE_3', 'Order #%s');

define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Order Information');

define('HEADING_ORDER_NUMBER', 'Order #%s');
define('HEADING_ORDER_DATE', 'Order Date:');
define('HEADING_ORDER_TOTAL', 'Order Total:');

define('HEADING_DELIVERY_ADDRESS', 'Delivery Address');
define('HEADING_SHIPPING_METHOD', 'Shipping Method');

define('HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Products');
define('HEADING_TAX', 'Tax');
define('HEADING_TOTAL', 'Total');

define('HEADING_BILLING_INFORMATION', 'Billing Information');
define('HEADING_BILLING_ADDRESS', 'Billing Address');
define('HEADING_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Payment Method');

define('HEADING_ORDER_HISTORY', 'Order History');
define('HEADING_COMMENT', 'Comments');
define('TEXT_NO_COMMENTS_AVAILABLE', 'No comments available.');

define('TABLE_HEADING_DOWNLOAD_DATE', 'Link expires: ');
define('TABLE_HEADING_DOWNLOAD_COUNT', ' downloads remaining');
define('HEADING_DOWNLOAD', 'Download links');
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