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<TITLE>Dynamic FreeDNS IP Address Updater</TITLE></HEAD>
<H2>Dynamic FreeDNS IP Address Updater</H2>
		<a href="ins.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">Add a domain and update URLs to be updated by Dynamic FreeDNS</a><BR><BR>
		<a href="results.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">View the current database of domains and update URLs from DynamicFreeDNS</a><BR>
		<a href="remove.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">Remove domains and their corresponding update URLs from DynamicFreeDNS </a><BR>
		<a href="resetip.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">Reset the last stored i.p. address to for testing purposes</a> <BR>
		<a href="dfdns.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">Check the local i.p. address and update if necessary</a><BR><BR>

<H3>Configuration Settings</H3>


include "dbconnect.php";
		$sql = mysql_query("SELECT `yn` FROM `router`")
or die(mysql_error());

$url = mysql_query("SELECT `getip` FROM `url`")
or die(mysql_error());

$userouter = mysql_fetch_array($sql);
$urlgetip = mysql_fetch_array($url);

if ($userouter[yn] =="1") {

echo "Dynamic FreeDNS is set to get the server's i.p. address from an external source.  The URL location of &quot;getmyip.php&quot; is set to: ".$urlgetip[getip];
else {
echo "Dynamic FreeDNS is configured to use the router for determining the server's internet protocol address.";



include "closedb.php";


		<a href="router.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">Change whether to use a router or an external script to get the current i.p. address</a><BR><BR>
		<a href="urlchange.php" STYLE="text-decoration:none">If using an external script to gather the current i.p. address, set the URL here</a><BR><BR>
include "inc.php";
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