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Hi there,

the Dynamic Elements Processor (requires PHP 5) is thought to create 
elements without big effort. You need only two, three code lines to produce a
new element for your web page. There are 17 different form and other 
elements you may create in no time. Among them also a simple 
table creator. Here is example to introduce you to this small application:

-> set element name (create an input element)						
-> set options like "'option','option','option'"
-> Attention: if empty don't remove it!
$newelement->addOptions("tabindex='1',onclick='return validExample();'");
-> JavaScript always in last position!
$newelement->addOptions("tabindex='5',onblur=\"return showNumbers('1','2');\"");
-> set type, name and value (create a submit type)
$newelement->appendElement('submit','SubmitButtonName','Send form');
-> set options with different variables
-> Attention: never put replacable variables in first position
-> with JavaScript never in last position
$replacable = '' OR $replacable = 'something'
$newelement->addOptions("tabindex='5',$replacable,onblur=\"return showNumbers('1','2');\"");

ATTENTION: If you use complex javascript with commas you will 
get some error because of wrong string dismantle.

Well that's it. Find more examples on the examples.php file.

With my best regards

Claudio Biesele
FAST!project 2009, Zurich, Switzerland

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