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<title>Rating Test</title>
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<h1>Rating Test</h1>

This page is intended to demonstrate how you can quickly add  
ratings to any page on your website.


	// The two lines below are all that is required to add a ratings 
	// control to your page.  Obviously, these need to be placed within  
	// a PHP code block inside a valid PHP page.  You will also need to 
	// configure the settings in config.php properly.
	// Modify these lines as follows: 
	// * Change the include path to reflect where DRBRatings is installed.  
	// * Change the parameter for show_ratings_control() to reflect a unique  
	//   ID for the rating on this page.  This feature allows you to store  
	//   more than one rating using the same installation of DRBRatings.
	//   New IDs must be added to the VALID_RATING_IDS array in config.php. 
Multiple, independent ratings forms can be driven off the same instance, for example:
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