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By Don B

Version 1.2


PHP 4.4 or higher
Apache HTTP Server (recommended)

    * It is strongly recommended that register_globals be set to off 
      in your php.ini file.


1) Extract the ZIP file into the desired destination folder on your website.
   Optionally, you may rename the "ratings" folder to whatever name is 
   desired; you will need to change the RATINGS_URL variable in config.php
   to reflect this change.

2) Modify the settings in config.php to match your environment and desired 
   configuration.  Descriptions of the settings are included in the 
   comments within that file.

3) Confirm that the /data subfolder has write permissions enabled.


If you are already running DRBRatings and need to upgrade to the latest 
version, you must perform the following steps.

1) Backup your config.php file, the contents of your "data" folder, and any 
   files in the "template" directory that you have customized.

2) Extract the ZIP file into the desired destination folder on your website, 
   overwriting the existing files.  If you renamed the "ratings" folder, 
   you may need to copy the files into the correctly named folder.
3) Replace your config.php file, "data" folder contents, and any customized 
   template files that you backed up.

You can uninstall DRBRatings by following the steps below.

Please note that ALL DATA WILL BE LOST if you uninstall!

1) Delete the subfolder where you put the DRBRatings 
   files from your webserver.
2) Remove any references to DRBRatings from the pages in your website.


The included index.php file demostrates how to add a ratings form to almost 
any ordinary PHP page.  See config.php for the available customization 
options.  Also, you are free to customize the files in the template folder.  
These files control what is displayed after the rating form is submitted.

Modifying the PHP files other than config.php, and those inside the template 
folder is not recommended, as this may make it difficult or impossible to 
upgrade to newer versions of DRBRatings in the future.


To use DRBRatings free of charge, all that I ask is that the credit link not 
be removed or altered.

You may not distribute code modifications to DRBRatings without permission 
from the author.

DRBRatings is provided "as is", without warrant of any kind, either 
expressed or implied.

The author is not liable for anything that results from your use of this code.

Credit Link Removal

If you want to use DRBRatings, but do not want to display the credit link, 
you must purchase a Credit Link Removal License.  
Please visit the following URL for details:

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