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<title>Image Verification</title>
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<h1>Image Verification Example</h1>


	// The PHP code below demostrates how to determine whether the 
	// request paramter for the verification code field matches the 
	// last security image that was displayed.  Your PHP code must 
	// pass the request parameter value to the isChallengeAccepted() 
	// method, which will return TRUE or FALSE based on whether 
	// the match was successful or not.
	// This will be the request parameter name.  When we create the form,  
	// this name will be used for the "name" attribute of the input tag.
	$CHALLENGE_FIELD_PARAM_NAME = "verificationCode"; 
	// The following include is required in order to call 
	// the isChallengeAccepted() function.

	// If there was a form post, handle it 

		// Check challenge string
		if(isChallengeAccepted($_POST[$CHALLENGE_FIELD_PARAM_NAME]) === FALSE) {
		    $resultMessage = "The entered verification code was not correct.";
		} else {
			$resultMessage = "Verification code accepted!";
	} else {
		$resultMessage = "";


This page is intended to demonstrate how you can quickly add  
a challenge response security image to your own PHP scripts.


	// If there is a result message from the form post, display it 
	if(!empty($resultMessage)) {
		echo "<p class=\"resultMessage\">{$resultMessage}</p>\n";

	// The HTML below demonstrates how to include the challenge image in 
	// a form.  Modify the "src" attribute to correspond to the path where 
	// the script was installed.


<form method="post" action=".">
<legend>Challenge Response</legend>
<label for="subject">Enter Verification Code:</label>
<input type="text" 
	name="<?php echo($CHALLENGE_FIELD_PARAM_NAME) ?>" 
	id="<?php echo($CHALLENGE_FIELD_PARAM_NAME) ?>" 
	maxlength="<?php echo($CHALLENGE_STRING_LENGTH) ?>" 
	size="<?php echo($CHALLENGE_STRING_LENGTH) ?>" 
	class="inputText" />
<img src="getimage.php" />
<input type="submit" value="Send" class="submit" />

	// If you find this software useful, a simple link back to our web site 
	// would be extremely appreciated.  The following function will display 
	// our preferred link code.

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