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DrawSudoku Class

This class can be used to generate pretty-looking sudoku tables out of an array, or a textfile including a sudoku notation converted to an array.
It can be used as an indepented class, or there's also a version running as an extension to Richard Munroe's DM-Sudoku class, which can be used to generate and print sudoku tables on the fly. 
DM-Sudoku class can be found at http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/2674.html

DrawSudoku is published under GNU/LGPL. See the file gnu-lgpl.txt for details.

readme.txt: this file
gnu-lgpl.txt: license file
class.Sudoku.php: DM-Sudoku class.
drawSudoku.class.php: main drawSudoku class
drawSudokuExSudoku.class.php: class running as an extension to DM-Sudoku.
sudoku.css: CSS file used to format the sudoku table.
example.php: Example usage for drawSudoku.class.php
dm-SukoduExample.php: Example usage for drawSudokuExSudoku.class.php
puzzle1.txt: A copy of one of Richard Munroe's examples.

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