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DLog version 1.0

Simple logging class. It allow to log the event calling it directly or as
an error handler. For each error type, you may specify how to log the information.

The class may:
- send an e-mail
- write a logging file
- register into database (Mysql or MSSql supported, but you may want to extend the
  class to support other database)
- display the error or the message
- do nothing... you may set to take no action in some situation.

PHP => 4.3.0 - I've test the class using PHP 4.3.0 and PHP 4.3.1.
               I think the class should work with PHP 4.2.x, except
               the function 'register_error_handler';
Configure the [mail function] section in php.ini if you plan to send the e-mail
If you plan to log the event into some database, define a table as follow
(example taken from Mysql):

  id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
  DEvent varchar(14) DEFAULT '0' ,
  Errno int(3) DEFAULT '0' ,
  Text varchar(250) DEFAULT '0' ,
  FileName varchar(250) DEFAULT '0' ,
  Line int(3) DEFAULT '0' ,
  RemAddr varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ,
  Browser varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ,

That's all. I hope it be useful.
(darvina at libero dot it)
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