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Thank You for Choosing the DigiOz Directory Indexer Version 1.2. 

What's New in Version 1.2:
- Fixed Data Sorting Issue that didn't used to sort by date correctly.
- Added ASC and DESC Sort by Name Functionality.
- Added ASC and DESC Sort by Date Functionality.
- Added ASC and DESC Sort by Size Functionality.          
Contents of this zip file:

files (folder) - This folder contains all the files that need to be listed
changelog.log  - Shows a list of changes recently made to the script
   header.inc  - This is the header of the html for the index page
   footer.inc  - This is the footer of the html for the index page
functions.php  - Contains the sorting function for sorting directory files
    index.php  - Combines header, footer and lists all the files in the "files" directory.
   ReadMe.txt  - The file you are currently reading.
    style.css  - Style sheet for showing font type, size, and other style items for index page.

Installation Instructions:

1- Download and Extract the file indexer.zip into a temporary folder on your PC.
2- Using an FTP Software like WS_FTP, transfer the "indexer" folder with all its 
   contents onto your web server. 
3- Copy all the files you want to list into the "files" folder in the "indexer" folder.
4- Run the "indexer/index.php" file to list all the items in your browser.
5- Modify the "header.inc" and "footer.inc" files to match the rest of your site. You can
   add standard HTML tags in these two files containing the page background, font size, 
   your website's css style sheet, etc to help blend the guestbook into your site.

Note: The script will list "ANY" type of files and folders that you place in the "files" folder.

Questions or Feedback:

If you have any questions, comments or problems about this script or if you are having
problems installing the script, email us at hide@address.com or visit us on the web at
http://www.digioz.com and fill out the Suggestions Form on our site. Enjoy!!!
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