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<center><h1>Detector class DOCS</h1></center>
<B>AUTHOR</B>: Piotr Maliński<BR>
<B>Contact</B>: <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">hide@address.com</a><BR>
<B>Site</B>: <a href="http://www.cms.rk.edu.pl">http://www.cms.rk.edu.pl</a> - Polish<BR>
<B>License</B>: LGPL<BR>
<B>Requirements</B>: PHP5, XAJAX <a href="http://www.xajaxproject.org/">link</a><BR><BR>

This "class" allows you to detect screen resolution and available web browser plugins of a user visiting your site.

1. Download xajax and unpack it into the directory with the detector class (if you want different place edit plugins.php)<BR>
2. Include (include, iframe could work also) browser_plugins.php into a page.<BR>
3. plugins.php will try to write 2 files to a current directory (edit it if you want different paths). The directory has to have write access.<BR>
4. plugins.php will create plugins.txt and screen.txt containing the data.<BR><BR>

5a. browser_plugins.php contains a simple class which parses data from plugins.txt<BR>
5b. screen.php contains a simple class which parses data from screen .txt<BR>

<B><font color="blue">$x = new browser_plugins('PATCH TO PLUGINS.TXT');</font></B> - where the PATCH is a full path to plugins.txt like: 'plugins.txt' for current directory.<BR>
<B><font color="blue">is_plugin($name)</font></B> - will return true if $name is found in plugin list (example: is_plugin('java')). all data in plugins.txt is lowercase.<BR>
<B><font color="blue">get_plugins_array()</font></B> - returns an array with plugins names and filenames of those plugins<BR><BR><HR>

<B><font color="blue">$x = new screen('PATCH TO SCREEN.TXT');</font></B> - where the PATCH is a full path to screen.txt like: 'screen.txt' for current directory.<BR>
<B><font color="blue">resolution()</font></B> - returns an array with width ($array[0]) and height ($array[1]) of user resoluton.<BR><BR>

<B><center>See <a href="example.php">example.php</a></center></B>
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