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	// includes go here
	// require once goes here
	// post arguments go here
	// passed arguments go here
	// page colors go here
	// functions go here
	// main routine goes here


		<title>Database Schema</title>
		<table width='100%' height='100%' align='center' valign='middle' bgcolor='black' bordercolor='yellow' border='2' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'>
						$dbschemaclass=new DBSchema('localhost','p221','p221');					// create a new class (also calls the class constructor)
						$dbschemaclass->SetImages('database.gif', 'table.gif', 'field.gif');	// set the paths to the images to use in the output
						$dbschemaclass->SetFontColors('lime','yellow','white');					// sets the font colors to use
						$dbschemaclass->SetFontSize('+2','+1','');								// set the font size to use
						$dbschemaclass->GetSchema();											// get the schema now
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