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File: currencyexchange.php
Author: Gary White
Last modified: July 6, 2005

Copyright (C) 2005, Gary White

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
included GNU General Public License for more details. If you 
received this file without the gpl.txt file, you may view it at:

See the readme.txt file for usage.

July 6, 2005 added the RON, Romania New Leu, to the currency list.


// this simply gets an array of possible currency countries and names
class currencyExchange{
	// Public Properties
	// Note that these properties are public, but the values are all generated internally.
	// You should consider them read only during normal usage.
	// The only one you may want to access would be the $localFile property, if you wanted
	// to change the name of the local file used to cache a copy of the data.
	// $Supplier property will be the European Central Bank, assuming we get the data
	var $Supplier="";
	// $Date property is the date of the exchange rate publication
	var $Date="";
	// $Rates property is an associative array of rateobj objects with the three letter identifier as the array keys
	var $Rates=array();
	// $Source property will be either "Local" or "Remote" depending on where the data comes from
	var $Source="";
	// $Error property will contain any error messages generates along the way
	var $Error="";
	// $localFile property is the file name used to cache a local copy of the XML file
	var $localFile="currencies_local.xml";
	// $url property is the URL of the XML file at the European Central Bank
	var $url="http://www.ecb.int/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml";

	// Public Methods
	function getData(){
			// load it
			// check if it's a weekend
			// what day of the week is it?
			// if it's a Sunday or Saturday
			if($weekday==0 || $weekday==6){
				// go back to last Friday
				$date=date("Y-m-d",strtotime("last Friday"));
			} else {
			// if the date in the local file is not the same
			// as our current date, or last Friday for weekends

				// clear the data

				// get the remote file

					// write the remote file data to a local copy of the file
			} // if we have a local copy

				// write the remote file data to a local copy of the file
			$this->error="Failed to get data";
		// sort our rates on the keys
		return count($this->Rates);
	function getRemoteFile($url){

		$curl_handle = curl_init();
		// Where should we get the data?
		curl_setopt ($curl_handle, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
		// This says not to dump it directly to the output stream, but instead
		// have it return as a string.
		curl_setopt ($curl_handle, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
		// the following is optional, but you should consider setting it
		// anyway. It prevents your page from hanging if the remote site is
		// down.
		curl_setopt ($curl_handle, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, 1);
		// Now, YOU make the call.
		$buffer = curl_exec($curl_handle);
		// And tell it to shut down (when your done. You can always make more
		// calls if you want.)
		// This is where i�d probably do some extra checks on what i just got.
		// Paranoia pays dividends.

		return $buffer;

	function Convert($from, $to, $amount=1){
		// Converts from one currency to another. The method expects at least two
		// parameters. The first param , $from, it the three letter identifier for
		// the currency you are converting from. The second param, $to, is the 
		// three letter identifier for the currency you are converting to. The final
		// param, $amount, is the amount of the $from currency to convert. If omitted
		// the amount defaults to 1 and the function will return the amount of $to
		// currency that corresponds with 1 unit of the $from currency.
		if(array_key_exists($from, $this->Rates) && array_key_exists($to, $this->Rates)){
			return ($amount * (($this->Rates[$to]->rate)/($this->Rates[$from]->rate)));
			$this->Error->Error = "";
			if (!array_key_exists($from, $this->Rates))
				$this->Error.="$from is not a recognized currency identifier ";
			if (!array_key_exists($from, $this->Rates))
				$this->Error.="$to is not a recognized currency identifier";
			return false;

	function setBaseCurrency($currency){
		// This function converts all currencies to be based on one unit of
		// $base currency. It's only really useful if you want to output a 
		// table of conversion factors.

		// get a factor to do our conversion based on our base currency
		// modify the rates based on the base currency
		foreach(array_keys($this->Rates) as $k){
			$rate=$this->Rates[$k]->rate / $factor;
		return (count($this->Rates)>0);
	// Private Methods
	// You should not need to call any of the following methods.
	function clearData(){

	function saveLocalCopy(){
		$fp=fopen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$this->localFile,"w") or die("failed to write file");

	function parse(){
			$this->parser = xml_parser_create();
			@xml_set_object($this->parser, $this);
			@xml_set_element_handler($this->parser, "startElement", "endElement");
			@xml_set_character_data_handler($this->parser, "characterData");
			$this->Rates['EUR']=new rateobj();
			xml_parse($this->parser, $this->xml, true)
				or die(sprintf("XML error: %s at line %d", 

	function currencyExchange(){

	function startElement($parser, $name, $attrs) {
		global $allCurrencies;
				$this->Rates[$attrs["CURRENCY"]]=new rateobj();
	function characterData($parser, $data){
	function endElement($parser, $name) {
			case "GESMES:NAME":
} // end of ratelist class

class gwSocket{
	var $ClassName="gwSocket";
	var $Version="0.6";

	var $error="";
	var $headers;
	var $maxRedirects=3;
	var $page="";
	var $result="";
	var $redirects=0;
	var $userAgent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)";

	function getUrl( $url ) {
		$url_parsed = parse_url($url);
		$scheme = $url_parsed["scheme"];
		$host = $url_parsed["host"];
		$port = $url_parsed["port"]?$url_parsed["port"]:"80";
		$user = $url_parsed["user"];
		$pass = $url_parsed["pass"];
		$path = $url_parsed["path"]?$url_parsed["path"]:"/";
		$query = $url_parsed["query"];
		$anchor = $url_parsed["fragment"];

		if (!empty($host)){

			// attempt to open the socket
			if($fp = fsockopen($host, $port, $errno, $errstr, 2)){

				$path .= $query?"?$query":"";
				$path .= $anchor?"$anchor":"";

				// this is the request we send to the host
				$out = "GET $path ".
					"Host: $host\r\n".
					"Connection: Close\r\n".
					"User-Agent: $this->userAgent\r\n";
					$out .= "Authorization: Basic ".
				$out .= "\r\n";

				fputs($fp, $out);
				while (!feof($fp)) {
					$retVal.=fgets($fp, 128);
			} else {
		return (!$retVal="");
	function parseHeaders($s){
		foreach($h as $i){
		return $hdr;

} // end of gwSocket class

class rateobj{
	var $currency="";
	var $rate=0;

function getCurrencyNames(){
	$retVal['AED']="United Arab Emirates Dirham";
	$retVal['AFA']="Afghanistan Afghani";
	$retVal['ALL']="Albania Leke";
	$retVal['ARS']="Argentina Peso";
	$retVal['ATS']="Austria Schilling*";
	$retVal['AUD']="Australia Dollar";
	$retVal['BBD']="Barbados Dollar";
	$retVal['BDT']="Bangladesh Taka";
	$retVal['BEF']="Belgium Franc*";
	$retVal['BGN']="Bulgaria Leva";
	$retVal['BHD']="Bahrain Dinar";
	$retVal['BMD']="Bermuda Dollar";
	$retVal['BRL']="Brazil Reai";
	$retVal['BSD']="Bahamas Dollar";
	$retVal['CAD']="Canada Dollar";
	$retVal['CHF']="Switzerland Franc";
	$retVal['CLP']="Chile Peso";
	$retVal['CNY']="China Yuan Renminbi";
	$retVal['COP']="Colombia Peso";
	$retVal['CRC']="Costa Rica Colone";
	$retVal['CYP']="Cyprus Pound";
	$retVal['CZK']="Czech Republic Koruny";
	$retVal['DEM']="Germany Deutsche Mark*";
	$retVal['DKK']="Denmark Kroner";
	$retVal['DOP']="Dominican Republic Peso";
	$retVal['DZD']="Algeria Dinar";
	$retVal['EEK']="Estonia Krooni";
	$retVal['EGP']="Egypt Pound";
	$retVal['ESP']="Spain Peseta*";
	$retVal['FIM']="Finland Markkaa*";
	$retVal['FJD']="Fiji Dollar";
	$retVal['FRF']="France Franc*";
	$retVal['GBP']="United Kingdom Pound";
	$retVal['GRD']="Greece Drachmae*";
	$retVal['HKD']="Hong Kong Dollar";
	$retVal['HRK']="Croatia Kuna";
	$retVal['HUF']="Hungary Forint";
	$retVal['IDR']="Indonesia Rupiahs";
	$retVal['IEP']="Ireland Pounds*";
	$retVal['ILS']="Israel New Shekel";
	$retVal['INR']="India Rupee";
	$retVal['IQD']="Iraq Dinar";
	$retVal['IRR']="Iran Rial";
	$retVal['ISK']="Iceland Kronur";
	$retVal['ITL']="Italy Lire*";
	$retVal['JMD']="Jamaica Dollar";
	$retVal['JOD']="Jordan Dinar";
	$retVal['JPY']="Japan Yen";
	$retVal['KES']="Kenya Shilling";
	$retVal['KRW']="South Korea Won";
	$retVal['KWD']="Kuwait Dinar";
	$retVal['LBP']="Lebanon Pound";
	$retVal['LKR']="Sri Lanka Rupee";
	$retVal['LTL']="Lithuanian Lita";
	$retVal['LVL']="Latvian Lat";
	$retVal['LUF']="Luxembourg Franc*";
	$retVal['MAD']="Morocco Dirham";
	$retVal['MTL']="Malta Liri";
	$retVal['MUR']="Mauritius Rupee";
	$retVal['MXN']="Mexico Peso";
	$retVal['MYR']="Malaysia Ringgit";
	$retVal['NLG']="Dutch (Netherlands) Guilder*";
	$retVal['NOK']="Norway Kroner";
	$retVal['NZD']="New Zealand Dollar";
	$retVal['OMR']="Oman Rial";
	$retVal['PEN']="Peru Nuevos Sole";
	$retVal['PHP']="Philippines Peso";
	$retVal['PKR']="Pakistan Rupee";
	$retVal['PLN']="Poland Zlotych";
	$retVal['PTE']="Portugal Escudo*";
	$retVal['QAR']="Qatar Riyal";
	$retVal['ROL']="Romania Lei";
	$retVal['RON']="Romania New Leu";
	$retVal['RUB']="Russia Ruble";
	$retVal['SAR']="Saudi Arabia Riyal";
	$retVal['SDD']="Sudan Dinar";
	$retVal['SEK']="Sweden Kronor";
	$retVal['SGD']="Singapore Dollar";
	$retVal['SIT']="Slovenia Tolar";
	$retVal['SKK']="Slovakia Koruny";
	$retVal['THB']="Thailand Baht";
	$retVal['TND']="Tunisia Dinar";
	$retVal['TRL']="Turkey Lira*";
	$retVal['TRY']="Turkey New Lira";
	$retVal['TTD']="Trinidad and Tobago Dollar";
	$retVal['TWD']="Taiwan New Dollar";
	$retVal['USD']="United States Dollar";
	$retVal['VEB']="Venezuela Bolivare";
	$retVal['VND']="Vietnam Dong";
	$retVal['XAF']="CFA BEAC Franc";
	$retVal['XAG']="Silver Ounce";
	$retVal['XAU']="Gold Ounce";
	$retVal['XCD']="Eastern Caribbean Dollar";
	$retVal['XDR']="IMF Special Drawing Right";
	$retVal['XOF']="CFA BCEAO Franc";
	$retVal['XPD']="Palladium Ounce";
	$retVal['XPF']="CFP Franc";
	$retVal['XPT']="Platinum Ounce";
	$retVal['ZAR']="South Africa Rand";
	$retVal['ZMK']="Zambia Kwacha";
	return $retVal;
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