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The cssparser is a small class that enables you to parse css information.
The parsed css information can then be used in your application to fill your needs to use css information.

Clears the current content. If the html property of the class is set to true then the propertylist is filled with standard html information.

Set how to handle standard html information with clear. Set to true to include html properties and false to exclude it.

Add($key, $codestr);
Add a new propertystring to th list. The key represents under which tag/id/class/subclass to store the information.
The codestr is a string of css properties. Each property should be separated by a ;. Values should be separated from the propertynames by a :.

Get($key, $property);
Retreive the value of a property.

Retreive all properties associated with the given key.

Parse a textstring that contains css information.

Parse a file that contains css information.

Returns a brute style css text compiled of the different properties.
Return current item: CSS parser