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<title>Installation Instructions - CSS Briefcase v.1.5</title>
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<h1>Installation Instructions - CSS Briefcase v.1.5</h1>

<p>We made installing the CSS Briefcase very easy. Here's what you need to do to add it to your web site:</p>
  <li>Download and unzip CSS Briefcase from <a href="http://www.impliedbydesign.com">www.ImpliedByDesign.com</a> (which you've already done)</li>
  <li>Upload the entire folder to your web site, or add it to a local server.</li>
  <li>Each form as well as the script itself contains a link with some additional text, that says something like 

  <strong><a href="http://www.impliedbydesign.com">CSS Briefcase</a> by Implied By Design </strong>. As part of the license agreement, you may not remove this link, though you can change its placement on the page.</li>
  <li>Make sure to chmod the css.xml file to 777 to allow the script to edit the contents.</li>
  <li>To use it, just visit the <strong>cssbriefcase_files/</strong> folder.</li>
  <li>There are further instructions on how to add the contact form to your site on the script page itself. </li>
<p>Viola! You're done! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">hide@address.com</a>.</p>
<p><strong>&copy; 2006 <a href="http://wwww.impliedbydesign.com">Implied By Design LLC.</a></strong></p>
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