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$validation['required'] 			= "The %s field is required.";
$validation['isset']				= "The %s field must have a value.";
$validation['valid_email']		= "The %s field must contain a valid email address.";
$validation['valid_url']          = "The %s field must contain a valid URL.";
$validation['valid_ip'] 			= "The %s field must contain a valid IP.";
$validation['min_length']         = "The %s field must be at least %s characters in length.";
$validation['max_length']         = "The %s field can not exceed %s characters in length.";
$validation['exact_length']		= "The %s field must be exactly %s characters in length.";
$validation['alpha']				= "The %s field may only contain alphabetical characters.";
$validation['alpha_numeric']		= "The %s field may only contain alpha-numeric characters.";
$validation['numeric']			= "The %s field must contain only numbers.";
$validation['is_numeric']         = "The %s field must contain only numeric characters.";
$validation['integer']			= "The %s field must contain an integer.";
$validation['matches']			= "The %s field value does not match '%s'.";

$validation['boolean'] 			= "The %s field must contain only boolean values.";
$validation['extension'] 			= "The file %s doesn't have a valid extension.";
$validation['comparsion'] 			= "The %s field value doesn't match the comparsion rules.";
$validation['between'] 			= "The %s field value must be between %d and %d symbols.";
$validation['unique'] 			= "The value of %s must be unique.";
$validation['regexp'] 			= "The value of %s doesn't match the specified regular expression.";
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