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-taken from RC6

v. 1.0 RC6
-added option to apply tidy before internal cleanup
-added function TidyClean() that cleans only with Tidy the source from html, modifying it
-changed licence to Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

v. 1.0 RC5
-tidy cleanup works also with PHP 4.3 now. Correction: class is compatible with PHP >=4.3. PHP 5 recommended. Basic cleanup (no tidy) can work with earlier versions of PHP 4
-removed drop-empty-paras option from default tidy config since there is already an internal drop-empty-paras mechanism
-Optimize now defaults to true since is very useful
-new default tidy config options:
	   'preserve-entities' => true,	// preserve the well-formed entitites as found in the input (to display correctly some chars)
	   'quote-ampersand' => true,//output unadorned & characters as & (as required by W3C)
-default Encoding set to latin1	 

v. 1.0 RC4
-the class is now compatible with PHP 4.4 or higher (maybe 4.0, but never tested)
-minor bugfix for Optimize (loop until optimized now works correctly)

v. 1.0 RC3
-cleaning is now done case insensitive
-improved optimize, removed EXPERIMENTAL tag
-default tidy config now sets word-2000 to false

v.1.0 RC1
-HTMLCleaner now parses HTML code with or without the body tag
-aproaching stable release. bugfixes only will be applied to branch 1.0

-renamed CleanUp option to Optimize to avoid confusion with cleanUp method
-improved Optimize (fix intercalated tag problem,strips empty inline tags, trim excess new lines)
-Optimize defaults now to false, and is EXPERIMENTAL
-changed CleanUpTags property type to array
-improved Compress

-added CleanUp option (merge tags)
-added tidy check

-improved FillEmptyTableCells (now supports colspan, rowspan)
-new options: DropEmptyParas (drops emtpy paragraphs)
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