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$ser = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];

$message1 = "Fix the following broken link<br><br>URL: <font color=red>$uri</font><br> Referer: <font color=red>$ref</font>";

$subject1 = "Broken link";

/* To send HTML mail, you can set the Content-type header. */
$headers1 = "MIME-Version: 1.0";
$headers1 .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1";

$mailid = "hide@address.com";
if(isset($ref)) {
@mail($mailid, $subject1, $message1, $headers1);
include "header.php";
<script language=javascript>
document.title="Freephpcms- Link not found";
<div style='padding-left:20px;padding-right:10px;'><h3><br>Page not found</h3><br>
The link you have searched for is <font color=red>not found</font>. <br>
It might be because of the following reasons.<br>
a)The Page might have been moved during a restructure.<br>
b)You might have entered a wrong url.<br>

<font color=green>Please scroll thro the website or send us a mail stating the problem</font>.<br>
Thanks and Regards,<br>
Freephpcms.com Team<br>
include "footer.php";
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