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//  CrawlProtect 2.0.0
// Protect your website from hackers
// Author: Jean-Denis Brun
// Website: www.crawlprotect.com
// That script is distributed under GNU GPL license
// file: english.php
//  Last update: 03/07/2010
$language= array();
$language['user_setup']="You only need to choose a login and a password below to set-up CrawlProtect.";
$language['valid_password']="Enter the password again.";
$language['login_no_ok']="Information is missing or the passwords are different, please check the fields and try again.";
$language['Installation_OK']="Installation OK";
$language['chmod_no_ok']="CrawlProtect is unable to create a file in the crawlprotect folder";
$language['chmod_no_ok2']="Try to CHMOD that folder, CHMOD 0755 should be OK";
$language['restrited_access']="Restricted access.";
$language['enter_login']="Please, enter your login and password below.";
$language['Protect_your_website_from_hackers_with_Crawlprotect']="Protect your website from hackers with Crawlprotect";
$language['your_site']="Your site";
$language['is_protected_by_CrawlProtect']="is protected by CrawlProtect";
$language['CrawlProtect_has_blocked']="CrawlProtect has blocked";
$language['Code_SQL_injection']="Code or SQL injections tentatives";
$language['badbots']="Badbots and site copier visits";
$language['shell']="Shell type hacking attempts";
$language['coming_from']="The hackers were coming from";
$language['maxmind']="The tracking has been done using GeoLite database, created by Maxmind, available at the following address:";
$language['no_attack']="Your site haven't been attack yet.";
$language['confirm_zero']="Are you sure that you want set all counters back to zero?<br>Once you have click on OK, there is no way to get datas back.";
$language['reset_zero']="Set all counters back to zero";
$language['confirm_login_change']="Are you sure that you want to change your login and password?";
$language['reset_login']="Change login and password";
$language['file_modification']="Files check";
$language['file_modification2']="Folders or files in red have been modified during the last 7 days.";
$language['support']="They support CrawlProtect";
$language['ad']="Your ad here ?";
$language['change_language']="Language choice";
$language['suppress']="Set all counters back to zero";
$language['keep']="No, I want to keep my datas";
$language['datemod']="Last modification";
$language['chmod_ok']="The CHMOD of that folder or that file is correct";
$language['chmod_nook']="The CHMOD of that folder or that file is dangerous for your website security";
$language['main_file']="Be carefull CrawlProtect isn't looking at all folders and files; the following limitations are in place:";
$language['folder_modification']="Folders check";
$language['releaseok']="You are using the up-to-date release of CrawlProtect";
$language['releasenook']="<a href='http://www.crawlprotect.com/download.php'>A new release of CrawlProtect is available</a>";
$language['change_graph']="Hackers origin display mode choice";
$language['chmod_advices']="Recommended CHMOD level";
$language['chmod_safe']="High security level";
$language['chmod_mini']="Standard security level";
$language['nota']="* that CHMOD level can be in some case not compatible with some of yours script (to be check by testing of your site), you will have also to modify that CHMOD level before any ftp transfert. A high security level cannot be achieved without any constraint...<br>CrawlProtect, for safety reason apply automatically that level to his .htaccess file; so you will have to modified it before any update."; 
$language['chmod_super']="The CHMOD of that folder or that file is perfect for you security";
$language['changechmod']="Change the CHMOD";
$language['chmod_change_menu']="Display CHMOD change menu";
$language['datedisplay']="Display last modification dates";
$language['change_all_folders']="All folders of the list";
$language['change_all_files']="All files of the list";
$language['error-change-login']="The script has been unable to delete the actual config file, change the crawlprotect folder chmod to 0755.";
$language['change-chmod-to-safe']="<b>Well done you have made the better choice for your site security.</b><br><br> I have to informed you that in some case that chmod can block some of your scripts.<br>Take care to check your site functions before to leave definitively that chmod level in place.<br><br> You will have to switch back to standard level chmod to be able to modify or change that file or folder, but it's so easy with CrawlProtect!!!<br><br> It's constraint but in fact not a big deal compare to a possible site hacking.";
$language['yes']="Yes, I confirm that I want that chmod level";
$language['no']="No, I prefer to keep the actual chmod level";
$language['help_crawlprotect']="CrawlProtect protect your site, you can participate to development and hosting cost of CrawlProtect by making a donation.";
$language['thanks']="Thanks for your help.<br>Jean-Denis";
$language['specialscripts']="If you are using one of the followings scripts, there is some small modifications to do in the CrawlProtect htaccess file. You will find details instructions in the <a href='http://www.crawlprotect.com/documentation.php'>documentation</a>";
$language['nochmod']="The CHMOD change function is not possible on your server, you will have to use your FTP transfert application to make change";
$language['htaccess']="Create or update the htaccess";
$language['scripts_used']="If you are using one of these scripts, tick the box";
$language['existinghtaccess']="If there is already a htaccess file on your server, it will be saved in CrawlProtect htaccess folder to be able to get back if necessary. His content will be automatically add in the new file created by CrawlProtect";
$language['yourip']="Your IP is:";
$language['yesip']="It's a fix IP fixe and I would like that CrawlProtect never block that IP";
$language['noip']="Apply protection rule whatever IP used";
$language['badip']="I would like to always block the following IP:";
$language['badiplist']="Enter below the list of IP to block, separate by a coma (,)";
$language['parameter']="Thanks to complete the following form in order to create your personnal htaccess";
$language['badip2']="Be carefull, some of the IP you want to block are not correct and so haven't been taken in account";
$language['checkhtaccess']="Here is the htaccess proposed by CrawlProtect, if you are happy with it click on the OK button just below to start creation process";
$language['newhtaccessok']="The new htaccess file is in place, your site is now protected by CrawlProtect";
$language['newhtaccessnook']="CrawlProtect cannot create the new htaccess file, you can:<br><br>-check actual htaccess file chmod and change it to 0644 with your FTP software and then retry.<br><br>-create yourself the htaccess file by copying the file below and then transfert is by FTP at the root of your site.";
$language['verifok']="The CrawlProtect htaccess file is in place";
$language['verifnook']="You need to create the CrawlProtect htaccess file to be protected. Go to CrawlProtect administration and then click on 'Create or update the htaccess'";
$language['verifnotpossible']="CrawlProtect is not able to check the presence of the htaccess file, use your FTP software to do it";
$language['password_no_ok']="Your password is not correct, it must be at least 8 digits long and content lower case, upper case and number";
$language['backtotheform']="Back to the form";
$language['passwordrules']="Your password must be at least 8 digits long and content lower case, upper case and number";
$language['allfiles']="All files";
$language['selectfiles']="Only .htaccess, index, header, footer and config";
$language['message']="CrawlProtect messages";
$language['crawlprotectcheck']="CrawlProtect check ";
$language['crawlprotectcheck2']=" folders and ";
$language['crawlprotectcheck3']=" files.";
$language['spam']="Referer spammers";
$language['badreferer']="I would like to always block the referer spammer from these hosts";
$language['badrefererlist']="Enter below the list of host to block (like this: example.com without www or http) separate by a coma (,)";
$language['ip_used']="List of IP used";
$language['blockip']="Add the selected IP to the htaccess to forbid them any access to your site";
$language['badipadd']="The following IP have been add to the list:";
$language['ipblocked']="List of IP blocked by the htaccess";
$language['refererblocked']="List of referers blocked by the htaccess";
$language['fileandfolders']="Folders and files audit";
$language['folderlevelrestricted']="Limit at 2 levels of folders tree (if you get a timeout on 'Folders and files audit' page)";
$language['justbaddisplay']="Show only folders and files which are not with high security chmod level or which have been recently modified";
$language['alldisplay']="Show all folders and files";
$language['log-recording']="Attacks log";
$language['enablerecording']="Record attacks informations<br>(date, hour, hacking attempt, IP, country)";
$language['date']="Date and time";
$language['why']="Hacking attempt";
$language['totalprotection']="All folders and files of your site are shown here.";
$language['checkrelease']="Check if a new release of CrawlProtect is available";
$language['nocache']="Don't take in account cache folders";
$language['nostats']="Don't take in account stats folders";
$language['nologs']="Don't take in account logs folders";
$language['purge_htaccess']="Emptied CrawlProtect .htaccess backup folder";
$language['confirm_purge']="Are you sure that you want to suppress old .htaccess backups?<br>It will not be possible to get back these files.";
$language['suppresshtaccess']="Suppress backup of my old .htaccess";
$language['keephtaccess']="No, I want to keep my backups";
$language['sponsorship']="They support CrawlProtect:";
$language['filename']="Order per name";
$language['filedate']="Order per date";
$language['copyhtaccess']="To activate CrawlProtect protection, copy the following content with a text editor to a .htaccess file that you will place at the root of your website.";
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