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crackerMail v2.0

Created by Craig (cracker) McNaughton

This is a really basic webmail system, using PHP's IMAP functionality. It was designed for
use in a password-protected folder, since POP3/IMAP mailbox usernames and passwords are
stored, making mailboxes available to anyone with access to the folder.

1. Unzip the contents of crackerMail_2.0.zip into a password-protected folder.
	- Or unzip the contents and upload them into a password-protected folder.
2. CHMOD config.php and address.txt to xx7
	- As long as Others' permissions are set to rwx.
3. Open index.php in you favourite browser.
4. Select 'Manage Mailboxes'.
5. Add your mailboxes.
6. Modify the Preferences as you wish.
	- Exit page: path from root to page to load on exit
	- Theme: themes are CSS files located in the themes folder, change or add to them as you wish.
		- themes are populated automatically in list from contents of themes folder
	- Menus: menus can display icons with tooltips, plain text or text with icons
	- Mail format: HTML or plain text
	- Message List Sort: sort ascending or descending by Date Received, From or Subject
7. Click on 'Mailboxes' to return to index.php
8. Click the 'View' button to view messages in a particular mailbox.

The capabilities of crackerMail are as follows:
1. handles any number of POP3 or IMAP mailboxes
2. delete messages
3. options to Reply, Reply All, and Forward
4. download attachments
5. add attachments to outgoing mail
	- preserve attachments when forwarding
6. option to Reply from another mailbox
7. option to view 'full headers' of messages
8. option to modify mailbox information
9. lists all mailboxes and messages in one table
10. customizable pagination to speed message display
11. sort list of messages by 'From', 'Subject' or 'Date', ascending or descending
12. option to view another mailbox without returning to home page
13. Obvious links (e.g., http://www.example.com) in plain text messages replaced with actual links
14. includes HTML editor for composing messages in HTML format
	- using FCKEditor (http://www.fckeditor.net/)

There may be other capabilities not specifically listed.

The limitations of crackerMail are as follows:
1. no option for customizing reply format
	- if message was received in HTML, reply will be in HTML.
2. no option for automatically adding signature
3. server must have PHP compiled with IMAP support and valid sendmail parameters

There may be other limitations that have yet to be identified.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at hide@address.com

- Craig
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