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Class Name: cpsubdomain
Clas Title: cPanel Subdomains Creator
Purpose: Create cPanel subdomains without logging into cPanel.
Version: 1.0
Author: Md. Zakir Hossain (Raju)
URL: http://www.rajuru.xenexbd.com

Company: Xenex Web Solutions
URL: http://www.xenexbd.com

License: LGPL
You can freely use, modify, distribute this script. But a credit line is appreciated.

see example.php for details

Compatibility: PHP4

//definding main class
class cpsubdomain{
  //declare public variables
  var $cpuser;    // cPanel username
  var $cppass;        // cPanel password
  var $cpdomain;      // cPanel domain or IP
  var $cpskin;        // cPanel skin. Mostly x or x2.
  //defining constructor
  function cpsubdomain($cpuser,$cppass,$cpdomain,$cpskin='x'){
	// See following URL to know how to determine your cPanel skin
	// http://www.zubrag.com/articles/determine-cpanel-skin.php

  //function for creating subdomain
  function createSD($esubdomain){
  	//checking whether the subdomain is exists 
    $f = fopen($path,"r");
	if (!$f) {
	  return('Can\'t open cPanel');

    //check if the account exists
    while (!feof ($f)) {
	  $line = fgets ($f, 1024);
	  if (ereg ($subdomain, $line, $out)) {
	    return('Such subdomain already exists.');
	fclose($f); //close the file resource
	//subdomain does not already exist. So proceed to creating it
    $f = fopen($path,"r");
	if (!$f) {
	  return('Can\'t open cPanel.');

    //check if the subdomain added
    while (!feof ($f)) {
	  $line = fgets ($f, 1024);
	  if (ereg ("has been added.", $line, $out)) {
	    return('Subdomain created successfully');
	fclose($f); //close the file resource
    //return success message
	return "There may be some error while creating subdomain.";

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