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define('CMM', 'comm/');          // the directory with classes for comments
define('CMINCLS', 'commincls/');          // the directory with files for forms, JS code, css style

include(CMM.'config.php');             // file with main configurations

// include and uses classes according to request, to set or get comments
// if form submited (to add, modify, delete), or URL for unsubscribe
if(isset($_POST['sbmt']) || (isset($_GET['unsub']) && preg_match('/^[0-9]+_[0-9]+$/', $_GET['unsub']))) {
  include(CMM.'class.SetComm.php');        // class used to add, modify, delete comments
  $objCom = new SetComm($cmysql);
else {
  $objCom = new GetComm($cmysql);

  // if admin logged, sets button to delete comments, and session with the current page
  if(isset($_SESSION['adminlog'])) {
    $delcmm = '<button class="delcmm">'.$clsite['delsel'].'</button><br class="clr"/>';
    $_SESSION['logout_redir'] = $objCom->page;
  else $delcmm = '';

  ob_start();           // start storing output in buffer (comments area)
  echo $delcmm.$objCom->linkspgs;      // Afiseaza link-uri deasupra
  echo $objCom->comments;              // Afisare comentarii
  echo $delcmm.$objCom->linkspgs;        // Afiseaza link-uri dedesubt
  if((isset($_SESSION['adminlog']) && $_SESSION['adminlog']==md5(CMANAME.CMAPASS))) {
  $comments = ob_get_contents();         // stores the buffer content

  // if access from POST, with 'isajax', adds comments content in DIV, loggadmin form, and form to add comment
  if(!isset($_POST['isajax'])) {
    ob_start();           // start seccond buffer

    // add comments content into a DIV
    $comments = '<a id="cm"></a><h2 id="coments_t"> &#1449; '.$clsite['comments']['title'].' <i>('.$objCom->totalcomm.')</i></h2>
    <div id="coments">'.$comments.'</div>';

    include(CMINCLS.'form_adminlog.php');        // form to log Admin, or link to logout

    echo jscTexts($clsite);       // include the JSon with texts for JavaScript mesags in the defined language

    // if $addcomm not 1 and $nameusr not defined, show message that only logged user can add comment
    // else, include the form
    if($addcomm !== 1 && !isset($nameusr)) echo '<h3 id="adcomm">'.$clsite['comments']['allowcmm'].'</h3>';
    else include(CMINCLS.'form_add.php');          // Include formularul pt. adaugare comentarii

    echo '<!-- Script Comments with Pagination, http://www.coursesweb.net/php-mysql/ -->';
    $comments .= ob_get_contents();         // adds seccond the buffer content

  if(isset($_REQUEST['pg']) && isset($_REQUEST['nrp'])) echo $comments;      // output the content when Ajax
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